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In these days of globalisation and express business, it is extremely important to have a professional guiding you when putting a property on the market for sale or looking to acquire a property. A local real estate consultant is of significant help if you wish to invest whilst having the maximum guarantees.

As consultants we help you to decide with regard to your real estate investment, we study the market with you, as well as all those factors that will contribute to your making the best decision.

We arrange and manage the transaction so as to leave no strings loose.

You not only require a consultant for the transactional obligations following the transaction, but also for all the steps prior to the transaction, so as to avoid problems arising once you have made your real estate investment.

An endless number of queries may arise, from the minimum surface area legally required for building, to environmental protection regulations or the tax impact of the transaction, as well as all the after-sales consequences of purchasing or selling a business, which may vary significantly depending on the tax class of the purchaser/vendor and on how the sale-purchase transaction has been structured. It is often the case that what is favorable for one party, is not so for the other.

Spain is currently an ideal country for investments. As well as being a member of the EU, the benefits provided by the freedom offered within the community for the free circulation of people, goods, establishment and finances, offers a wide variety of possibilities to investors (whether individuals or companies), making the Balearic Islands the place to be in the 21st Century, be it for business, entertainment or pleasure.

“Responsibility, professionalism and excellence govern our work”

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