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For you to feel comfortable with your new property investment, whether you intend to use it as a permanent residence or want us to rent it out for you, you will need a reliable property adminstrator. CT Private Property Consulting can take care of everything related to owning a property in Mallorca, that is, property in Spain.

Our Family Office service will, among other services:

  • • Take care of the maintenance and staff related questions coceerning your properties
  • • Take care of administrative and official procedures
  • • Obtain residence permits, business permits, commercial activity permits and professional matters in general
  • • Take care of your legal obligations in Spain as a property owner in Spain, such as local taxes, State taxes (income, property, etc.)
  • • Offer you a range of banks which you can use for your financial transactions in Spain.

Everything will be in the hands of a group of experienced professionals who will be concerned with obtaining maximum efficiency and whose work is coordinated and supervised by CT Private Property Consulting.
We offer you a comprehensive service and so we can administer the property once the contact has been signed and we will become your repesentative regarding all the property management in a global, confidential, smooth and satisfactory manner.
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