Residential properties

If you are looking to buy

We need to know exactly what type of property you are hoping to acquire. This will help us to concentrate our search on finding the ideal property for you.

• Our portfolio of properties spans the whole of Mallorca

• We have the advantage of a network of collaborators and, therefore, have access to many more properties than those exclusively on our books.

• This will free you from having to deal with numerous estate agents.

• You will only have to say yes or no to our proposals without having to exchange emails or contrast different offers, etc.





To sell

• We will pay you a visit, value your property on the present real estate market and start up the selling process.

• We will ask you for the property deeds, the land registry inofrmation and other information concerning maintenance costs, local taxes etc., in relation to the property.

• We must maintain ongoing communication with you to keep abreast of any change in the situation of the property or your personal circumstances which could be relevant to sales conditions.

To sum up, we are your


If you wish to look at our portfolio of properties or ask us to do something for you, please send us an email:

Real estate investments

In relation to investments:

• We focus on obtaining properties for development, we aspire to get to know our clients in order to understand their requirements and thus find the adequate property for the type of business they are planning.

• We make a selection both inside and outside the market, very often the latter, which leads to eventual success since conditions and prices can be discussed at length with the owner.

• If what you want is to put your business or property onto the market, we can find a suitable investor for you.

• We are very careful in selecting adequate investment projects and we maintain the necessary high standards of confidentiality.

• We work in the tourist property industry together with our network of contacts and collaborators, all true professionals and so we are sure that we con offer you the best possible service.

To sum up, we are your


If you need further information or would like to look at our investment portfolio, please send us an email:


Plot in Palma, Ciudad Jardin, for sale


Urban Plot in Palma, Son Vida, for sale


Town House in Palma, El Terreno, for sale


We guarantee competent and high quality brokerage and intermediation services, based on an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and ample experience in this area. We will help you to find your perfect property.


We will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the current market situation and will offer you advice and assessment in all matters that may arise for you as a property owner. As part of our comprehensive services, we will help you to manage the property after signing of the contract.


We will help you to design a financing concept adapted to your own needs. Our services inclu-de advice regarding the different sources of financing and references for our trustworthy banking partners.

Make an appointment, we will inform you of everything you need to know: Purchase. Rental. Advice.

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