L’investissement dans le commerce de détail augmente de 22%

2016 has been a positive year for the Spanish economy. This is due, amongst other things, to a growth in tourism and an increase in consumption. It is precisely this tendency that has translated positively in the retail sector according to the Marketbeat Retail Spain report prepared by Cusham & Wakefield.

The opening of shops and restaurants, as well as new areas in shopping centers throughout Spain are part of the positive boom of the retail sector in Spain. The shopping centers, which include leisure centers, oulet centers and galleries, reached a stock of 16.8 million m² in 2016, distributed in 672 different locations throughout Spain. The commercial density of Spain reflects a significant potential growth compared to other developed economies.


On the other hand, the market of the commercial premises directly on the street is also having one of its best moments. The stores and HORECA premises in the main Spanish cities are experiencing a peak season. This is due to the growth of the economy, consumer confidence and tourism.

Increase in investment in retail in Spain

Due to all of the reasons mentioned above, the retail sector has proved that it has a very significant weight in the Spanish real estate market. In 2016, 45 high-end retail investment operations were closed in Spain, which means more than 4.3 billion euros and representing an increase of 22% over the previous year (2015).


This investment is mainly from outside Spaen, especially considering the case of shopping centers.

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